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Devit is a member of the Clan of Noah and makes up one half of Noah's Bonds. When together, he and his literal other half, Jasdero, have the power of materialization, allowing them to create virtually anything, as long as they're thinking of it simultaneously. Their weapons of choice are twin revolvers, which have no power themselves but serve as outlets to generate their creations. They can also merge into one being called Jasdevi, the "strongest imagined body", and kick a lot of ass with their super strength, super speed, and prehensile hair. (Yeah, you read that right.)

On his own, Devit is defenseless and knows it, which is why he'd never voluntarily leave Jasdero's side.

When you get down to it, Devit is a teenager through and through, and as such, he encompasses all of the worst stereotypes of a selfish, teenage boy. He's rambunctious, full of himself, and angry at the world, and when he's hurt or upset, he takes his frustration out on whoever happens to be around at the time. Through all the big talk, however, there's an obvious degree of insecurity, and it's when people hit that nerve that his anger becomes something to be feared.

His emotions aren't entirely negative, though. Fun is definitely one of his top priorities, especially fun at the expense of others, and he isn't above playing psychological games with people just to get his kicks.

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